International Distributor Agreement Template

3 Giugno 2023by admin

As businesses expand globally, it becomes important to have a solid international distributor agreement in place. This agreement lays out the terms and conditions under which a distributor will sell a company’s products in a foreign market. The agreement sets the expectations for both parties and outlines the responsibilities of the distributor as well as the manufacturer or supplier.

An international distributor agreement template can be used as a starting point for creating a contract that suits the specific needs of a company. This template includes all the essential elements such as the product lines, territories, exclusivity, pricing, payment terms, and termination provisions.

Product Lines

The agreement will specify which of the company’s products the distributor will be selling in the foreign market. This section must clearly define the nature and scope of the products, including any restrictions on their distribution and sale.


The agreement must mention the territories in which the distributor has the right to sell the products. This section sets out the specific countries or regions where the distributor can market and sell the products.


The agreement may indicate whether the distributor has the right to exclusive or non-exclusive territories. If the distributor is granted exclusive rights, no other distributor will be allowed to sell the company’s products in that territory.


The distributor agreement sets out the pricing structure that will be used for selling the products. This section must detail the terms for pricing, discounts, and any other relevant calculations.

Payment Terms

The distributor agreement specifies the payment terms agreed upon by the parties. This section outlines the payment schedule, methods of payment, and any penalties for late payment.

Termination Provisions

The distributor agreement must include provisions regarding the termination of the agreement. This section sets out the conditions under which the agreement may come to an end, the notice required, and the consequences of termination.

In conclusion, an international distributor agreement is an essential legal document that governs the business relationship between the manufacturer or supplier and the distributor. It defines the terms and conditions of the arrangement and ensures that both parties understand their roles and responsibilities. Using an international distributor agreement template can help a company save time and resources when drafting a contract that is clear, concise, and legally binding.